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A Look At  Types Of Yoni Egg Crystals You Can Buy

A Look At Types Of Yoni Egg Crystals You Can Buy

Apart from being sacred and personal, there is a wide range of crystal yoni eggs that offer different attributes for specific purposes. In case you want to buy terahertz yoni egg crystals, it  is important to consider paying attention to the patterns, colors, and your intuition so as to get some of the best semi-precious stones. 

At Itar Rasayana, we know that people can feel a special bond with a certain stone, this is why we offer affordable crystal yoni eggs that contain powerful energy and healing properties such as tiger eye yoni egg crystal. To help you make informed decisions, let us take a look at  types of yoni egg crystals you can buy.

Rose Quartz 

  • improves the flow of energy
  • Promotes and attracts love
  • Get rid of emotional trauma

Also called heart egg, the rose quartz yoni egg crystal is a gemstone that is mostly used as a love token as it features a soft pink color that can be hazy. This semi-precious stone is of peace and love since it is a nurturing yoni egg that promotes bonding. Also, rose quartz connects to feminine energy and transmits love through the aura.

Apart from being a reassuring and calming gemstone, rose quartz is best for people who are facing trauma as it alleviates the heart, and this is the reason why it is often used for those suffering from heartache.



  • brings users to the divine
  • Assist to get rid of bad habits
  • Boost creativity and intuition

The Amethyst yoni egg crystal is a highly beautiful and well-known stone that energizes and calms the mind or emotions. Also, the stone can assist with passion and creativity, due to a high frequency that purifies energy and offers protection for the user. This is why amethyst yoni egg crystal is regarded as a talisman of success and focus.

Regarded as a great healer, Amethyst is often used to improve mental clarity or to assist in remembering dreams. Back in the days, Ancient Greece people used the stone to help people with alcohol addiction. Also, consider amethyst if you want to improve the quality of meditation and for lucid dreaming.

Tiger’s Eye


  • Clarity and courage
  • Handling past trauma
  • Improving strength and vitality

Tiger’s eye yoni egg crystal is a semi-precious stone that stands out among the rest as it is a beautiful and unique gem. The tiger’s eye belongs to the quartz family and is regarded as a powerful guardian. It is also known to  bring good fortune and luck to the user’s life and protect them from bad luck.

Tiger’s eye yoni  egg crystal assists the user to grow and mature due to its dynamic energy that gets rid of fear and anxiety. Also, the tiger’s eye encourages the user to handle difficult decisions, offering balance and harmony.

While there are a wide range of yoni egg crystals  to choose from, knowing the aforementioned can help you avoid mistakes when picking one for yourself. This is why at Itar Rasayana we offer different types of crystals that have healing energies and properties that can be beneficial to a user’s wellness. For more information on tera hertz yoni egg crystals USA call us at 604-594-7195 or send an email at

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