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Knee and joint pain make your life miserable, and it becomes difficult for you to perform everyday activities. If you’re tired of controlling your arthritis symptoms with over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription drugs. There are many ways to manage the problem. Essential oils are a good option along with over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription drugs. Essential oils contain antioxidants, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory agents that relieve arthritis pain and swelling, but they won’t stop the condition from progressing. 3

Best Essential Oils for Arthritis

  1. Eucalyptus essential oil:

In one study, People who inhaled eucalyptus oil for 30 minutes on three consecutive days after knee replacement surgery reported less pain than those in the control group. The anti-inflammatory characteristics of eucalyptus oil and its ability to raise serotonin, a brain chemical that appears to reduce pain, are thought to be responsible for the decreased pain[1].

  1. Orange essential oil

Aromatherapy using orange essential oil as an alternative medication could help patients with arthritis. It has the potential to speed up patient healing and discharge while also lowering inpatient costs. Different studies show that orange oil, which has anti-inflammatory characteristics, could reduce arthritis pain[2]. 

  1. Frankincense essential oil

Frankincense oil is a fragrant oil that has been used for thousands of years. It has antiseptic, regenerative, and anti-inflammatory effects. In a 2010 study, frankincense was proven as a possible treatment for osteoarthritis-related inflammatory symptoms[3].

  1. Lavender essential oil

Lavender essential oil is most commonly used in aromatherapy. It used to treat pain, depression, and anxiety for centuries. It can be inhaled, used topically or added to a bathtub.

The effectiveness of a 5-per cent blend of lavender essential oil on osteoarthritis was investigated in a 2016 study. After the first week, members who rubbed 5 mL of the lavender oil onto their inflamed joints nine times reported less pain over three weeks[4].

  1. Bergamot essential oil

Bergamot essential oil has been shown in studies to reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol, and improve mood, which may be beneficial to persons with RA[5].

In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties when applied to the skin, studies reveal that chemicals contained in bergamot have a positive effect on pain perception in humans and animals.

How to use Essential Oils for arthritis pain?

  • Massage with essential oil by adding ten drops in 1 ounce of carrier oil.
  • Add several drops of essential oil with a tablespoon of carrier oil in your bathtub and take a warm, soothing bath.
  • Put a few drops of essential oil on a cotton puff and store it in a plastic bag and inhale it several times during the day.
  • Fill a spray bottle with 3 ounces of water and add 30-45 drops of essential oil. Spritz your surroundings, office, or even your bedsheets with this refreshing spray.


Arthritis pain can impact every aspect of your life. It has the potential to restrict your movement and lower your quality of life. The use of essential oils to treat arthritis could be a beneficial addition to regular medical treatment. But always take advice from your physician before starting essential oils.



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