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How do essential oils help in reducing anxiety?nxiety is among the most common mental disorder, and it can have drastic consequences on an individual’s ability to perform. Most people avoid pharmacotherapy due to delayed onset of action, reliance, tolerance, withdrawal, and abuse potential. As a result, safe and effective traditional remedies could be valuable allies in the treatment of anxiety. Essential oils are a simple and natural way of improving an anxiety patient’s health and treatment plan.

What role do essential oils have in reducing anxiety symptoms? Most people did not know that particular fragrances have the power to elicit emotional and bodily responses.

The autonomic nervous system is a portion of our brain that regulates our fight-or-flight responses and respiration, and heart rates. The brain region stimulates when you’re in a stressful scenario, and your body reacts with physical signs like shallow breathing, a faster pulse, and a burst of adrenaline. Certain essential oils, on the other hand, can slow or stop this response.

Best essential oils for anxiety:

  1. Lavender essential oil

It is a popular oil for aromatherapy. It is used to reduce anxiety and depression and produces a calmful sleep. Lavender aromatherapy is supposed to reduce anxiety by influencing the limbic system, the area of the brain that controls feelings. Inhalation of lavender essential oil reduced anxiety levels by a significant amount[1]. It is scientifically proven that massage with lavender oil also helps with anxiety and depression.

  1. Jasmine essential oil:

Jasmine oil has a lovely floral aroma and is frequently found in perfumes and other cosmetics. Unlike some other anxiety-relieving essential oils, jasmine oil is supposed to relax the brain without making you sleepy. Some people may experience a stimulant effect as a result of it[2].

  1. Bergamot essential oil:

Bergamot essential oil has a relaxing effect and can help in reducing anxiety. Bergamot has been discovered to alleviate symptoms and boost mood in both animal and human trials.  In one study, researchers found that 15 minutes of exposure to bergamot essential oil to a woman increased a sense of satisfaction[3].

  1. Rose essential oil:

Roses have a lovely sweet, floral aroma that is said to calm the senses.  According to the survey, aromatherapy self-massages of the abdomen during menstruation discomfort with an essential oil mixture reduced pain and anxiety.

According to one study, a pregnant woman who used to take rose oil footbath regularly has lower anxiety during delivery than those who used warm water-only for a footbath[4].

  1. Frankincense essential oil:

Frankincense oil smells musky and pleasant. Different studies on the benefits of topical frankincense oil showed that the application to the skin appeared to offset stress. They claim that frankincense oil can aid with stress management. The application of frankincense essential oil in women during birth dramatically lowered anxiety[5].

How to use essential oil to reduce anxiety?

Some ways to use essential oil for the relieve of anxiety are,

  • Take an Aroma bath by adding essential oil with a teaspoon of carrier oil, such as almond oil, jojoba oils, or a scentless bath gel. Just before entering, add the mixture to the warm bathwater.
  • Sprinkle essential oil spray on the bed-linen or pillow cover before sleeping
  • Add few drops of essential oil to the diffuser; the aroma will diffuse around the room.
  • Massage with essential oil at the back of the neck or forehead.


One important thing, essential oils alone will not alleviate significant social anxiety. If you’ve been experiencing symptoms, the first step should always be to seek diagnosis and treatment from a doctor or mental health professional. At the same time, if you feel it delivers benefits, you might experiment with essential oil for anxiety.


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